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    Curious to know the current possibilities of Datastorms for your work as systems engineer or information manager? Also other professionals who are interested are welcome! Join the talk of Martijn van Loenen, creator and founder of Datastorms. In the past few months we have already helped various customers with software solutions. It has turned out to be an excellent, cheaper and progressive solution for anyone who has information management as a topic.

    Example of processes our software was helping out:
    – Requirement management for new started project in utility branche
    – Functional specification for maritime company
    – Systems engineering for various consultants
    – Back-end for a user portal for wind farm
    – PermitPower: tool to get hold on your permits.
    The power of this tool is that it can be used within an organization for multiple projects, but also for various processes. Multiple templates, business processes can be build and used..

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