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Waarom Datastorms

The idea that underlies Datastorms did not originate in an attic room or elaborated in a garage. The basis lies in our experiences we have gained in the field: with our customers. We have been helping customers with process supporting software since 2017.

We have listed a number of advantages of Datastorms;

✅ Custom or standard template 🚀
Is there not yet a standard software solution that supports your process? By setting up your own custom environment, your business processes are optimally supported.
A standard template often already supports 80% of your process and you can get started quickly.

✅ Working together in a safe way 🔐
Do you work on a project with two or more people? Would you also like to give external access? Collaborating in a software application is then a professional and reliable alternative to an excel sheet or shared drive.

✅ Structure in data 📃
Working with a template means that users must adhere to a standard format. The import function helps optimally with this. This provides structure and uniformity, which increases the quality and usability of the data.

✅ Flexible reports 📊
The integrated reporting tool ensures that the data can also be efficiently processed in an export. This varies from a data export to visualizing the data in a chart.